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[2nd Place] All This Time

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

Artist: Christle Salgado

Age: 19 Country: Sri Lanka

With each passing day, there have been ups and downs in my life, much like every other adolescent. However, through it all, there have been forces that pushed me forward to overcome those hurdles, allowing me to witness another day. Ultimately, social well-being, for me, means experiencing growth with joy, fulfillment, connectedness, support, and feeling valued; something that cannot be solely acquired through material possessions. By incorporating the key elements that have contributed to my well-being, I have composed my original song "All this time." Music has always played a major role in my well-being and will always be a source of consolation and comfort to me. Lastly, knowing is only part of the battle; it's through our actions that we can truly achieve success by combining both knowledge and action.


Lyrics (Intro)

I’m lost in a maze of thoughts

Uncertain about

What do I truly love

What’s my burning desire

(Verse 1 )

In a world of complexities

Back then I would have thought

The clues to what I crave

Lie in materials,

But then turns out that it

Was compiled with blocks of life,

That meant to me much more than anything…

To say…


Ooo..I’m proud of myself, my resilience

Ooo..your hands kept me out of the deepest trench..

With all what I’ve learnt , to what’s kept me safe, for all the nourishment that has made me grow

Well that’s what I’ve been needing all this time

All this time…

(Verse 2) While I constantly revolve

Life turns to be a rollercoaster for the youth

But there’s solace in the very keys I play

The words you say are a mighty force

For me to thrive against all the odds

Hope you’ll do your part

Cuz knowledge isn’t half the battle

(Bridge) So would you be there when i need you

Just as I turn to be your shadow

We’ll align the world to a day where

1.8 of us

Achieve our adolescent wellbeing

Disclaimer: Entries to the Art for Well-Being Competition (“Artwork”) have been developed by members of the public. The named artist(s) alone are responsible for the views expressed in the Artwork. Presenting the Artwork by PMNCH/WHO does not imply that they or any content contained therein are endorsed or recommended by PMNCH/WHO or represent the decisions or the policies of PMNCH/WHO. Furthermore, the mention of specific companies or of certain manufacturers’ products does not imply that they are endorsed or recommended by PMNCH/WHO in preference to others of a similar nature that are not mentioned.

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Amazing voice!! The best of the best


The talent you hold is incomparable 💕


roji rani
roji rani
Sep 29, 2023

amazing!! of luck and God's blesaings🙏❤️


Nipun K Perera
Nipun K Perera
Sep 29, 2023



Proud 👏

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