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We are 1.8 Billion!

Join our Campaign 

Demand action and accountability for our health and well-being. 


The world has more young people today than at any time in history.

Yet in many countries, government spending on our health and well-being is far too low. 


The 1.8 Billion Young People for Change campaign aims to change that. This advocacy campaign for adolescent well-being (AWB) will build demand for adolescent and youth issues, leading up to the UN Summit of the Future in 2024. The Global Forum for Adolescents, held on 11-12 October 2023, was a major moment in that effort.

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What Young People Want 

Over ONE MILLION youth & adolescents have voiced their demands & dreams!

The results of this global survey are available on our Dynamic dashboard! Help us spread the word by downloading the social media kit below!

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Add your own photo & quote with the templates below!

Become a part of the movement

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Using #1point8 and encouraging people to join the campaign at

Young people 
(24 years and under)

Are you a young person? Tell us what you want! Please share what you want for your well-being on social media, using #1point8 and inviting your network to join the campaign at  

(Above 24 years)

As a youth ally, you can also support this movement! Share who are the young people (under 24yrs) inspiring your advocacy efforts for adolescent well-being and why? 

Social Media Example
Social Media Example

Use the hashtag! #1point8

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Social Cards

Assets and captions in English, French and Spanish are available in the download links.  

Videos & GIF's

For additional Videos and Gifs,
along with captions, click on the download button below.

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Use the 1point8 filter and Giphy stickers

Check out the instructional video below 

Step 1
Head over to the 1point8billion 
Instagram page.

Step 2
Locate the filters panel (✨), that can be found
next to the reels section.

Step 3
Click on the filter you want to use and tap "try it".

Step 4
Choose to make a video or click a photograph.

Step 5
Click on the sticker icon on the top of the screen.

Step 6
Type "1point8" in the search bar.

Step 7
Choose from the array of stickers available.

Step 8
Scale and rotate the stickers as per your liking.

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