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We are 1.8 Billion - Join our Campaign! 


The 2023 Global Forum for Adolescents, a key event in the #1point8 Billion Young People for Change campaign, united over 9,000 participants, including youth, decision-makers, and advocates, during a dynamic virtual event on October 11th and 12th. Aimed at rallying powerful political and financial support for adolescent health and well-being, the forum sparked worldwide engagement!

The campaign continues - Use our social media kit to amplify this vital cause and show your solidarity with adolescents globally. Your voice matters!


What Young People Want 

Over ONE MILLION youth & adolescents have voiced their demands & dreams!

The results of this global survey are available on our Dynamic dashboard! Help us spread the word by downloading the social media kit below!

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Add your own photo & quote with the templates below!

Other ways to engage


Partners for change

Share stories

of change

Share inspiring stories of change by young leaders and tag us on social media using #1point8. 
Consider filming a video for social media to show your support for #1point8.

Social Media Example
Social Media Example

Add the 1.8 banner to your website

Download and add 1.8 banners to your website and help take the movement forward.

English Green 1.8 for change banner featuring a woman with a megaphone in the background

Create impact at your events

Planning an event? Build momentum for 1.8 with branded signage and assets at all your upcoming events with the 1.8 Events Kit

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Brand your communications

Use the 'partners for change' templates in your communications channels to increase visibility for 1.8.

Change your profile picture

Help us reach more people by adding the 1.8 Billion Young People for Change logo to your profile picture.

Add the 1.8 email signature

Showcase the logo and QR code to the campaign website in your email signature to raise awareness with every email sent.

Envelope clipart

Present with 1.8

Create presentations with the 1.8 presentation template. Use domain specific slides or mix them up! 

Laptop with presentation templates

Add color to your meetings

Highlight 1.8 in all your meetings with branded backgrounds.

woman infront of the 1.8 billion zoom background

Spread the word!

Plan an event with 1.8 for the health and wellbeing of adolescents and youth.
(Available in English, Spanish and French)

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