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Are you 24 years old or younger?

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Tell us what YOU want, to improve your well-being

you'll be sharing your thoughts and opinions with not just us, but also with decision-makers who can use this information to advocate for change. Your answers will be transformed into powerful data that can be explored through a dynamic dashboard and visualization tools

Discover the national events happening around you

Curious about events happening under the 1.8 campaign? Check out our specially curated page, teeming with events worldwide, hosted by our incredible partners. From inspiring workshops to engaging discussions, these events are platforms for you to connect with like-minded youths, be a part of the global youth movement, and make a real impact.


Ready to make your mark? Dive in, find an event you love, and join us in making a change, one event at a time

Art for Well-being

Are you ready to express yourself creatively? We invite you to participate in our 'Art for Well-being' competition.

This contest, part of our 1.8 campaign, celebrates the power of art as a medium to voice your opinions and aspirations.


Curious? Head to our page for more information on how to participate. Remember, your art could be the catalyst for the change we need. Let's color the world with our voices!

Join our social media movement

by sharing stories of change that you, or other young people around the world, are leading on.

While on social media, don't forget to use #1point8 to help spread the word.

More ideas and materials are available in the social media kit!


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