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Partner Engagement Kit

Today, the world has more young people than at any time in history. Yet far too many of today’s 1.8 billion adolescents and youth (ages 10-24) are underserved by current policy and financing attention.


The 1.8 Billion Young People for Change campaign aims to change that. This multiyear advocacy campaign for adolescent well-being (AWB) seeks to generate attention for adolescent and youth issues, leading up to the UN Summit of the Future in 2024.


The Global Forum for Adolescents, to be held 11-12 October 2023, will be a major milestone in that effort. The Forum is a massive virtual platform for partners from around the world to share evidence, engage partners, spark muti-sectoral action and promote political and financial commitments for adolescent well-being through a series of national events and a two-day virtual global programme.

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Join the 1.8 Billion Young People For Change campaign: for, by, and with young people!

Purpose of this kit and how to use it

This engagement kit provides partners with 5 different ways to engage, contribute and act for adolescent well-being. The steps below will help you navigate the kit and help you identify opportunities for engagement that are of interest to you and your networks:

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Explore options to engage with the campaign and the forum below

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Hover on the links to get more information on your choice of engagement for more information

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In case of any questions, reach out to the Global Forum for Adolescents team (emails are below)

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Additional partner benefits are highlighted at the end of this kit

Why become a partner?

  • Association with an impactful and results-driven campaign focused for the wellbeing of adolescents;

  • PMNCH will support partners with promotional materials including social media, and event toolkits;

  • Access to other partners for joint advocacy opportunities at events and other initiatives designed to promote the campaign and Global Forum for Adolescents;

  • Opportunity to get featured on the campaign website with your organizational logo and potentially on other global platforms presentations promoting the campaign and Forum;

  • Opportunity to get featured in a ‘global registry’ of events;

  • Opportunity to engage with a host of youth led organizations and leaders driving change for adolescent well-being.

Snapshot: How can you engage with the campaign and the Forum?

Click on the icons to learn more!

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  • Help mobilize government-led commitments

  • Make your own commitments

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National Events

Host or partner in a local, national and/or regional event leading up to 11-12 October

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What Young People Want

Help unite the voices of 1 million young people on what is most needed for their health and well-being

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Spread the word


Activate your social media channels to share information about GFA and the 1.8 campaign

Potential avenues of engagement

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The Global Forum for Adolescents in October 2023 will serve as a key moment to launch and amplify financial, policy and/or service delivery commitments to improve adolescents’ well-being. This includes multisectoral SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-based) commitments by Governments, as well as commitments from non-state actors (civil society, private sector, health-care professional associations, global financing mechanisms, development partners and others) aligned with government-led planning and programming; and relevant to key gaps in advancing the adolescent well-being agenda at global, regional and national levels. As a partner organization, you can commit to prioritize adolescent well-being, by:

Mobilizing for new and additional commitments to adolescent well-being

A. Support your national government to create meaningful new commitment to adolescent well-being.

  • Work with in-country PMNCH partners to analyze the current strengths and gaps in adolescent well-being in your country in the context of advancing the Sustainable Development Goals;

  • Discuss these needs with national leaders (government representatives, parliamentarians) and influencers, and introduce this commitment-making opportunity to them if not already aware.

  • Commitments made by governments should align and integrate adolescent well-being within existing processes and initiatives where possible;

  • Involve adolescents and young people in a meaningful way during this process;

  • Support effective communication among partners about this process to provide the greatest possible support to governments in this process.

B. Pledge your own commitment to adolescent well-being, aligning with government-led action in your country.

  • As a non-state actor (NGO, youth group, private business, private donor/foundation, etc.), make a SMART commitment to deliver for adolescents and young people. Commitments should advance one of more of the five domains of the Adolescent Well-Being Framework and Definition;

  • Ensure your commitment is aligned with government-led commitments for adolescent wellbeing at the national, regional and global-level;

  • Commitments can be pledged throughout 2023 by leveraging various political decision-making spaces in 2023 and beyond, including:

    • High-level Political Forum in July 2023;

    • SDG Summit in the margins of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) in September 2023;

    • G20 Summit in September 2023.

Commitments will be amplified by PMNCH in connection with the Global Forum for Adolescents on 11-12 October and associated events with the 1.8b campaign.

For information on how to make a commitment and/or support these efforts, a guidance document can be found here:

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For more information: Reach out to Thahira Shireen Mustafa


What Young People Want

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Help unite the voices of 1 million young people on what is most needed for their health and well-being

There’s untold power in adolescents and youth coming together to demand for a better future. Through innovative methods, including a digital chatbot and grassroots mobilization in dozens of countries, the “What Young People Want” initiative aims to unite the voices of 1 million young people to bear on policy reforms and program delivery at all levels. All inputs received will be analyzed and shared through a searchable online dashboard. Results will be used in the development of evidence-based messages – tailored by country/region/topic/age for highly targeted advocacy -- for policy, financing and service improvements.

At a global level, the overall results from the What Young People Want effort will be packaged into an advocacy agenda for adolescents, to be launched at the Global Forum in October.

Share information about the What Young People Want initiative with your networks to help reach the goal of 1 million responses from young people (you can use this banner to share information about this initiative in your networks);

Can your organization collect responses from young people? Become a mobilizer by signing up for the next available training

For more information: Reach out to David Canon Gomez (

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Help spread the word:

National Events

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Host or partner in a local, national and/or regional event leading up to 11-12 Oct

Show your support for the 1.8 campaign and the Global Forum by hosting an affiliated event in your own countries and regions. All creative ideas for events are welcome –viewing parties, social media events, workshops and symposiums on adolescent well-being, public debates, poetry, music and art events, up lighting public buildings in the 1.8b campaign colours, and more!


We can support you by awarding Global Forum for Adolescents affiliation status and providing you with a comprehensive package of evidence and messages, knowledge and information, branding, material and merchandise to help spread the word about your event.

If you would like to partner with other organizations to sponsor a national-level or regional event, we can help you too. PMNCH, the convenor of the Global Forum and the world’s largest alliance for women’s, children’s and adolescents’ health, has more than 1,400 member-organizations in 120+ countries, and can bring together like-minded partners across 10 different constituency groups – from adolescent and youth networks to private sector to donors and governments.

All affiliated events with the Global Forum for Adolescents will be publicized through a global online event registry for the 1.8b campaign. Get inspired by what others are planning, and design your own exciting event! FAQs here about how to register for affiliation.

Selected videos and photos from national and regional events will spotlighted within the global mainstage programme of the Global Forum for Adolescents during 11-12 October.

Get resources to host your own national event in the link below:

More information about events can be found here, including expressions of interest forms for national events can be found here. Affiliated partners must comply with WHO policies.

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For more information: Reach out to Bhavya Nandini ( and Renee De Jong (

Spread the word

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Activate your social media channels to share information about GFA and the 1.8 campaign

The #1point8 campaign is for everyone: Get involved by sharing content through your organization’s Instagram/Facebook/Tik Tok/Twitter/LinkedIn accounts.


Share #1point8 messaging and upcoming news and information about the Global Forum -- and encourage others to do so too! Browse through our sample social media messages and post on your social media handles to show your support and commitment for 1.8 billion adolescents and youth globally:


Post your own story: What inspired you as a young person, and what continues to inspire you about young people making change happen? Use the #1point8 hashtag to tell your story -- and challenge others to post too!

Click here to access the social media kit for messages, hashtags, and tips and tricks for posting about the campaign effectively!

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For more information: Reach out to

Kieran O’Dowd (

For additional benefits, become a PMNCH member

Reach out to us

Join the 1.8 campaign partner wall

The logos of all Global Forum partners will be featured on our campaign wall. Please reach out via email for more information to: Bhavya Nandini

The 1.8 Billion campaign and Global Forum for Adolescents are championed by members of the Adolescent Well-Being Initiative, coordinated by PMNCH.

  • Accelerate ASF

  • Arab Coalition for Adolescent Health & Medicine (ACAHM)

  • Adolescent Health Hub (Centre for Adolescent Health and Social Development)

  • Africa Health Budget Network African Population and Health Research Center (APHRC)

  • Association Camerounaise Pour La Promotion de La Santé (ACPS)

  • Big Sisters Organization

  • Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation 

  • Brazilian Parents of Preemies' Association

  • Bridge Connect Africa Initiative

  • Burnet University

  • C3India

  • Cameroon Youth Network

  • Canadian Advisory of Women Immigrants

  • Center of Rehabilitation for Children Deprived in Chad

  • Centre for Adolescent Health Centre for Girls and Interaction (CEGI)

  • Centre for Women's Health and Adolescents' Development (CWHAD)

  • Child Health Initiative Children & Youth Community

  • Centre for Integrated Development

  • Concealed Narratives

  • Copper Rose Zambia

  • CORE Group

  • County Youth and Adolescent Network

  • Dataking Consulting DESERVE


  • Egyptian Society for Adolescent Medicine (ESAM)

  • Health Inclusive Organization

  • Educating Girls and Young Women for Development-EGYD

  • Education as a Vaccine

  • Empower the Community Weekend

  • End Violence Against Children

  • EWEC High Level Steering Group Youth Representative  

  • Enlightened Christian Gathering Organization

  • European Dental Students' Association

  • Faculty of Law of Lambung Mangkurat University

  • FIA Foundation

  • Filipino Nursing Diaspora Network

  • Fondation Botnar

  • Fòs Feminista

  • FP2030

  • GHWN Youth Hub

  • Girl Effect

  • Girls' Globe

  • Girls' Globe

  • Global Financing Facility Investors’

  • Group Global Network of Young People Living with HIV (Y+ Global)

  • Harshal Foundation

  • Healing Minds Initiative Liberia

  • Health Healing Network Burundi

  • HeR Liberty Malawi

  • Heritage City Development and Augmentation Yojana (HRIDAY)

  • iCure Health

  • International Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur

  • Institute of Post-Graduate Medical Education and Research & Seth Sukhial Karnani Memorial Hospital

  • International Adolescent Health Week

  • International Association for Adolescent Health

  • International Centre for Reproductive Health (ICRH)

  • International Conference on Family Planning

  • International Federation of Medical Students Associations (IFMSA)

  • International Planned Parenthood Federation, South Asia Region International Youth Health Organization (YHO)


  • Irise Institute East Africa

  • Keimyung University

  • Let Girls Learn Initiative (LGLI))

  • London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (Research Consortium for School Health & Nutrition)

  • Meera Foundation

  • Melbourne Children

  • MHPSS Collaborative for Children and Families in Adversity

  • My Age Zimbabwe

  • NCD Alliance

  • Niramay Charitable Trust

  • Norad 

  • OSSEDI Malawi

  • Office of the Secretary General’s Envoy on Youth

  • Organization of African Youth Kenya

  • Pact  

  • PAHO

  • PharmAccess Foundation

  • Plan International Canada

  • Plan UK International

  • Save The Children

  • Siddhi Memorial Foundation

  • Sightsavers

  • SmartCare Liberia

  • Social Hope and Lamb Oblige Ministry

  • Solidarity for Afghan Families (SAF)

  • Stand with A Girl Initiative

  • The Global Partnership to End Violence Against Children

  • The INCLEN

  • Trust International

  • The Pearl Safe Haven

  • The Population Council

  • Transform Education

  • Uganda Healthcare Federation

  • UKRI GCRF Accelerate Hub





  • Union des Amis Socio Culturels d'Action en Developement (UNASCAD)

  • United for Global Mental Health

  • UN Major Group for Children & Youth

  • UN Women

  • University Cadi Ayyad

  • University of Southampton

  • University of Queensland Violence

  • Prevention Unit, WHO

  • Visible Impact


  • West African Institute of Public Health

  • WHO

  • WHO Global Health Workforce Network (GWHN) Youth Hub

  • Women and Children Welfare and Development Organization

  • Women Deliver

  • Women Health Channel Uganda

  • Women in Global Health 

  • Women Relief Aid

  • World Association of Trainees in Obstetrics & Gynecology (WATOG)

  • World Food Programme

  • YesHealth Group

  • Young Leaders for Change Foundation

  • Young Women's Knowledge and Leadership Institute Burundi (YOWLI BURUNDI)

  • Your Egyptian Doula

  • Youth and Environment Europe

  • Youth and Environment Vision

  • Youth Association for Development (YAD) Pakistan

  • Youth Coalition

  • Youth for Women Foundation

  • Youth-LEAD Youth Partnership for Peace and Development

  • YP Foundation

  • Y-PEER International

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