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Why should adolescent well-being be a priority? 


Today, the world has more young people than at any time in history. Yet far too many of today’s 1.8 billion adolescents and youth (ages 10-24) will fall short of potential if current policy and investment approaches fail to meet their needs.

Youth and adolescent voices must be at the centre of decision-making processes for their own health and well-being, their empowerment and resilience, their education and skills, and their connection with people and the planet.

Join the1.8 Billion Young People For Change campaign: for, by and with young people.

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Save the date!
Global Forum for Adolescents, 11-12 October 2023

Join the world’s largest-ever gathering for adolescent well-being! The Forum will be a key milestone for the 1.8 Billion Young People for Change campaign, bringing together youth and adolescents, advocates and global decision-makers. Through national events and a two-day virtual mainstage, the Forum will promote political and financial commitments toward improved adolescent health and well-being. 
Learn more here.

The Global Forum for Adolescents is organized with the support of PMNCH, the largest global alliance advocating for women’s, children’s and adolescents’ health, hosted by the World Health Organization.


Are you 24 years old or younger?

Join our social media movement by sharing stories of change that you, or other young people around the world, are leading on. We also encourage you to share what you want for your health and well-being.

Don't forget to use #1point8 to help spread the word.

More ideas and materials are available in the social media kit!

Join 200+ leading organizations

Join the “What Young People Want” initiative and help us make sure that the demands of young people drive our advocacy for improved adolescent well-being.


Organize a national activity/event related to adolescent health and well-being to discuss challenges, solutions and build demand for change. Learn more here

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Spread the word on social media by posting a video/photo and caption of a young person who has inspired your advocacy work for health and well-being.  Don't forget to use #1point8 to help us spread the word. More ideas and materials in the social media kit.


Co-design and/or lead a session of the Global Forum for Adolescents virtual 2-day core programme. Preview the form here

Please contact to discuss your organization’s engagement.


Qr code to access the What Young People Want Chatbot

This initiative aims to engage young people by capturing their nuanced perspectives, priorities, concerns, and ambitions. Through our dashboard,  and by searching key topics, sub-categories, demographic factors, and geographies, you can explore young people’s responses thus far so that they might inform policy and financial commitment mobilization. 

Check Out the #1point8 voices around the world

Not sure how to get featured?  Post on Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn using the #1point8 or Scan the QR code on the map. Remember to add a location to your post for it to be displayed!

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