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Cameroon Forum for Adolescents: A Youthful Celebration of Health and Engagement

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

DESERVE, Cameroon Youth Network (members of PMNCH's Adolescent and Youth Constituency), at the 'Salon International de la Jeunesse 2023' week-long youth exhibition.

From August 9th to 12th, 2023, Yaoundé, the capital of Cameroon, became a hub of youthful energy as it hosted the Cameroon Forum for Adolescents (CFA). This collaborative effort between DESERVE and the Cameroon Youth Network was orchestrated with the support of Cameroon's Ministry of Youth Affairs and Civic Education (MINJEC).

Desmond Nji, founder of DESERVE and national Vice President of the Cameroon Youth Network, penned a compelling letter to Mr Mounouna Foutsou, the Minister of Youth Affairs and Civic Education. In this letter, Nji recounted prior engagements with MINJEC, emphasizing the government's endorsement and commitments to adolescent well-being through the Advocating for Change for Adolescents Toolkits Project (ACAP). Nji advocated for a revision of the Cameroon Youth Policy. In response, the Minister pledged support for CFA, providing a dedicated platform for the #1point8 campaign in Cameroon to shine during the week-long youth fair known as ‘Salon International de la Jeunesse 2023,' sponsored by MINJEC.

Salon International de la Jeunesse 2023 (International Youth Fair 2023) at the Yaounde Reunification Monument.

The Cameroon Youth Forum for Adolescents (CFA) was held in the lead-up to the commemoration of International Youth Day 2023. The festivities began with the official kick-off at the Yaounde Reunification Monument on August 9th, 2023, attended by the Minister and 25 leaders on adolescent well-being in Cameroon, including Fadimatou Iyawa, President of the Cameroon National Youth Council,.

The CFA exhibition stand welcomed the Minister, who was presented with results from the What Young People Want (WYPW) survey. This groundbreaking campaign engaged over 50,000 young people aged 10 to 24 across all ten regions of Cameroon between March and July 2023, echoing their resoundingly call for improved health and well-being. The Minister acknowledged the campaign's immense value to Cameroon's youth.

Desmond Niji (DESERVE, Cameroon Youth Network) and the MINJEC Minister, Mounouna Foutsou

Click play to watch the WYPW results presentation to Cameroon's Minister of Youth Affairs and Civic Education.

During the subsequent two days, the #1point8 mobilizers continued to share the campaign's results and engaged with visitors. A total of 48 visitors showed interest in further involvement with the campaign.

The grand finale of the Cameroon Youth Forum occurred on Saturday, August 12th, 2023, at the Yaoundé Djeuga Palace Hotel. Mr. Mounouna Foutsou, MINJEC Minister, presided over the joint commemoration of International Youth Day, attended by more than 300 spirited young individuals. Many of them had actively contributed to the week-long Youth Fare exhibitions. A dialogue between the #1point8 focal point, Desmond Nji, and UNFPA representatives Noemi Dalmonte and Gertrude Manguele underscored the significance of youth-government engagements, especially in the lead-up to the Global Forum for Adolescents (GFA) in October 2023. The UNFPA officials extended a warm invitation to further discussions at UNFPA head office, focusing on expanding youth and government collaborations.

The Cameroon Forum for Adolescents (CFA) was not just an event; it was a vibrant celebration of youthful voices and an embodiment of the collective commitment to championing adolescent well-being in Cameroon.

DESERVE, Cameroon Youth Network (members of PMNCH's Adolescent and Youth Constituency), at the 'Salon International de la Jeunesse 2023' week-long youth exhibition

For more information on how to organize your own national event supporting the Global Forum for Adolescents and the 1.8 Billion Young People for Change Campaign, or to find an event in your country/region, please visit To facilitate your event planning process, click here to access our comprehensive National Event Checklist, an example National Event Agenda that can be used as a reference and tailored to your needs, and a National Events Kit, which you can use to brand your events with the high-energy graphics of the campaign.

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