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Meet Patrick Heri, Youth Ambassador for #IAHW2023 from Musanze, Rwanda.

Updated: Aug 21, 2023

“When I was in secondary school, my cousin was abused by an older man. She didn’t even know about menstrual periods. She became pregnant and had to drop out of school.

This happens way too often to other young people who don't have enough knowledge about sexual reproductive health and adolescent development.

That's why I've made it my mission to learn everything I can to help young people in my region.

I’m proud to be a professional midwife now, working with the Rwanda Midwifery Students Association (RMSA) to bring awareness about these important issues to schools and communities in Ruhango and Musanze Districts.

I strongly believe that knowledge is power. That’s why, if I were President, I would make sure that youth-led organizations have the resources they need, and I would encourage parents to have open conversations with their children about adolescent sexual reproductive health.”

Stories of Young People for Change

Do you have a story of young people advocating for their health and well-being? Share it online #1point8 and tag @1point8billion - add your voice to the 1.8 Billion Young People for Change campaign

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