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Meet Yvvette Selly Awiti, Youth Ambassador for #IAHW from Kenya

Updated: Aug 21, 2023

”I believe that youth and adolescents have what it takes to advocate for their health rights. My desire to see health disparity gaps between well-established and vulnerable communities reduced is what made me apply for the opportunity to volunteer with #IAHW, help with the advocacy for adolescent and youth health rights and services, and influence positive change on the healthcare system.

I have been able to do a series of meetings to educate people on issues affecting adolescent health through Google Meet. I have also been able to sensitize the public through radio station interview sessions during the #IAHW2023.

If I were leader of my country, I would ensure that there were regular assessments of healthcare centers so that they know their health needs and levels and can ensure resources are distributed equitably. I would ensure corruption is eliminated in healthcare so that all awarded funds reach the communities in need. I would also foster a multidisciplinary planning of healthcare and ensure grassroot youth-led organizations help in planning for adolescent and youth health.”

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