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Meet Wawira Njiru, the founder of Food 4 Education - Kenya

While she had access to good food, a comfortable home and good schools as a child, she saw all around her t

he impact on those children that didn’t have the same, especially nutrition wise, and subsequently decided to pursue solutions to the malnutrition issues encountered by underprivileged children.

While the financial barriers to schooling in Kenya may be few, the nutritional barriers persist, especially for children from poor households. With the cost of living going extremely high in the last couple of years, and half the country currently experiencing the worst drought in 40 years, most kids are often not able to get a quality education because of chronic hunger.

Food for Education fills this gap with a streamlined, cost-effective system. She started with feeding just 25 kids, to now feeding more than 40,000 children.

In her own words: “Hungry children cannot learn. I am feeding the future of Africa because I believe in a generation that is well-nourished and educated.”

To date, Food for Education, has served 10,000,000 meals.

Wawira was First recipient of the Global Citizen Youth Leadership Prize presented by Cisco in 2018, and the 2021 United Nations #Kenya Person of the Year. #womansday#1point8#IWD2023

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